NATED Programmes

  •  NATED Programmes - N3
           Engineering Studies N3
                - N3: Civil Engineering 
                                                                                            - N3:  Electrical Engineering
       - N3:  Mechanical Engineering
       - N3:  Mining Engineering
  •  NATED Programmes - N4
               Business Studies N4   Engineering Studies N4
               N4:  Financial Management    - N4: Civil Engineering 
               N4:  Human Resource Management     - N4:  Electrical Engineering
               N4:  Marketing Management          - N4:  Mechanical Engineering
               N4:  Travel & Tourism Management    
  •  NATED Programmes - N5
               Business Studies N5   Engineering Studies N5
               N5:  Financial Management    - N5: Civil Engineering 
               N5:  Human Resource Management            - N5:  Electrical Engineering
               N5:  Marketing Management    - N5:  Mechanical Engineering
               N5:  Travel & Tourism Management    
  •  NATED Programmes - N6
               Business Studies N6          Engineering Studies N6
               N6:  Financial Management    - N6: Civil Engineering 
               N6:  Human Resource Management     - N6:  Electrical Engineering
               N6:  Marketing Management    - N6:  Mechanical Engineering
               N6:  Travel & Tourism Management    

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